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“Every song I write is personal, so I put all of me into each lyric and each note.” 

– Tierre Maclin 


A genuine spark of hope for communities plagued by poverty and unfulfilled promises, Tierre Maclin combines timeless songwriting and business savvy to motivate listeners through day-to-day situations.


He wrote his first song at age six.  By nine, he’d recorded and appeared in talent shows around Omaha, Nebraska.  Tierre was raised on R&B by his family and formally trained by the Nebraska Children’s Chorus.  In addition to music, Tierre appeared as lead in a stage play at the historic Rose Theater in Omaha, and starred in commercial spots for the Omaha Public Library.  These years solidified his passion for entertainment.


In 2000, Tierre moved to Orlando with his mother and younger sisters.  The transition from Omaha to Orlando was a burden on the family.  Their furniture was locked in a semi-trailer for months because they couldn’t afford to pay the moving company.  The family was evicted and homeless within two years of the move.  Also during this time, Tierre’s dad, Michael Maclin, was sentenced to forty-five years in prison on various charges.


Through prolonged hardships, music was always present.  Tierre’s family sang in the choir at the New Church of Faith, where Tierre frequently sang leads.  Through middle and high school, Tierre performed in talent shows and at community gatherings.  He made a name for himself as an artist, and the local industry noticed.  When industry promises never materialized, Tierre pressed forward.  In the spring of 2005, he moved back to Omaha to attend Creighton University. 


After his first semester, Tierre took a leave of absence because he “wasn’t ready for college.”  During his absence, he worked any job he could get and dealt with extreme bouts of depression.  He’d fallen short of his entertainment goals, and felt like he failed at his back-up plan, too.  “At a point I completely doubted myself and thought I’d become another statistic,” he confesses.  Something had to change. 


Far removed from the struggles of a first generation college student, and with the degree he worked so hard for under his belt, Tierre made the move to Los Angeles in May 2015.   He has all he needs to steer his career to heights unthinkable just years ago.  He’s nurturing all the right relationships and putting his money where his pen is.


“‘Dreams Cost’ is my attempt at letting people know they aren’t alone in the situations and experiences they find themselves in,” Tierre says of his upcoming September 2, 2016 album release.


Tierre knows what it’s like to struggle and to overcome. He remains consistent in his commitment to use music to uplift his family, community, and the world.


"These are the songs I needed to get through,” he admits.  “Surely someone else does, too.”

For booking and inquiries contact: 

323-999-4919 or

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